Saturday, October 23, 2010

failed feta

It appears I overreached on this one.  Overnight, the feta failed to gel and no break was ever made.  This can be for one of 6 reasons:

  1. Good quality fresh milk (if it has started to turn or has a high bacterial count, it can interfere with lactic bacteria)
  2. Active bacterial starter, correct proportions mixed in thoroughly
  3. Proper incubation with the starter to slightly acidify the milk.
  4. NOT over acidified. This would cause it to slightly clabber (thicken).  Even slightly clabbered milk will never yield a clean break.
  5. Active rennet, correct proportions, mixed in thoroughly
  6. Correct time and temp for coagulation, undisturbed
    This failure likely occured because of a problem using the starter.  I have been trying to make my batches too small so finding the correct proportions of yogurt to mix nin to innoculate the milk was difficult.  I shalltry to make yogurt first to see if I can do that successfully, then use it to make a larger batch of feta.

    Also, the making proces takes 2 days, not 1, before brining.

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